I don't do weddings (not really)

December 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

JustinDowntown-8352 I get asked often if I photograph weddings, and my initial response is "Nope, not really."

Truth is, a photographer who specializes in weddings is going to be much better at it than I would be.

A good wedding photographer, the kind you definitely want to document a once-in-a-lifetime specialized event, is someone who has dedicated their career and equipment to doing just that. Wedding photographers execute an incredible targeted formula to capture every detail of the entire event start to finish; the early morning preliminaries, (or sometimes even the rehearsal gathering the day before), the collective group photos, the close-up shots of the rings, dresses, and decorations, the exchange of vows, the ceremonial elements at the reception, the exit of the happy couple into their new life together. And while many of the photos may look candid, they are usually scripted according to that formula. That is the mark of a good wedding photographer, and they are well worth the money they charge for their service.

I, however, and many other photographers who claim they can shoot a wedding, would not be.

I'm sure I could get some great photos, but for your wedding, you deserve better. Southern Oregon has a lot of great photographers who specialize in weddings.

A lot of photographers do weddings. But you'll want to separate the "wannabes" and "think-they-cans" from the real pros for your big day.

Before you decide on a photographer for your wedding, please, do your research, and give yourself plenty of time to do it. Ideally, you'll want to make a decision and book your wedding photographer a year or more in advance. Check their websites, work, and references carefully. Talk with some of their clients if you can. Make sure their style matches the look and feel you want, and that they can give you what you want within your budget. Most important however, is that you'll want to establish a real and positive human connection with your photographer. That connection will help them when it comes to memorializing the special moments of your wedding day.

After that, if you want a second photographer to capture the unscripted, real life, anything-might-happen-with-this-crowd kind of photos, I'm your guy. Contact me here.



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