I charge $100 an hour for the shoot and the initial editing. In most cases, the total cost of the session and photos is less than an average single standard portrait sitting. If you want, we can set a time limit up front to make sure we stay within your budget.

My travel to your location up to a 30 mile radius around Grants Pass is free. Mileage beyond that is usually billed at .50 cents a mile. If the travel is long distance or out of state, then we can decide on a price that works well for both of us.

On my about page I stated that I want to make quality, professional photography available and affordable for everyone. I really mean that. That's the reason the pricing structure is set up in a non-traditional way. To make it affordable enough that normal, everyday, hard working people can get professional photos of their loved ones more than just once every few years.

I hope you'll call me to take them.

Perks of being a just.b client

  • If you're not happy with your photos, you owe me nothing.

  • You have free digital access to all the photos displayed in your private gallery. There are no other hidden charges.

  • You get special client pricing on all prints and photo products in the just.b photo shop, that is at least 10% less than the already low prices enjoyed by non-clients.

  • You get rewards for any referrals that result in paying clients.

If you've read this far and we seem like a good fit for each other, please get in touch and let's talk about your project.