Finding beauty and intrigue in all things

My name is Justin Briggs. I'm a photographer based in Grants Pass, Oregon. I want to make quality, professional photography available and affordable for everyone.

My passion is photographing your passions; who you love and what brings you joy.

One of the things I love most about photography, especially portraits, is seeing the real person without pretense through the lens. An intimate glimpse of another human being. A true and honest portrait that shows who they are, and where they are, in their life's journey at that moment. Sometimes soft or serene, sometimes complicated or messy, it is always beautiful.

I also believe a good photo has the ability to remind the heart, in a dramatic and perspective changing way, what the eye and mind experienced, but has since softened and passed into memory. It's a window in time that transports us back to where we were and how we felt, like nothing else can.

A place where even 1000 words is not enough...